Article 1.
Elections of www.ctydr.icupany's directors should be held and handled pursuant to "Election Procedures of Directors and Supervisors", "The Articles of Incorporation" of www.ctydr.icupany, and relevant regulations.
Article 2.
The Election procedure of www.ctydr.icupany's directors shall adopt the single cumulative voting system. The names of electors could be substituted with numbers of attendance. When electing www.ctydr.icupany's directors at a shareholders' meeting, the number of votes exercisable in respect of one share shall be the same as the number of directors to be elected. The total number of votes per share may be consolidated for election of one candidate, or may be split for election of two or more candidates.
Upon the election, the chairperson shall appoint ballot monitor(s) and relevant staffs.
Article 4.
In accordance with the quota of directors prescribed by "The Articles of Incorporation" of www.ctydr.icupany, candidates who receive ballots representing the prevailing number of voting rights at the election of voting rights at the election of directors shall be deemed as the directors elected. The election of Independent and non-independent directors shall be held at the same time but on separate ballots and be elected respectively. In case two or more candidates get ballots representing the same.
Article 5.
The Company shall prepare ballots. Each ballot shall contain the votes that the voter is entitled to in the election. Provided that no ballots will be prepared separately for any exercise of the voting right in electronic form.
Article 6.
All information shall be appropriately written by each shareholder as required by the provisions set forth in the ballots. Where a candidate is a shareholder, the voters shall remark in the box of candidate on the ballots the name of the candidate and the shareholder code. Where a candidate is not a shareholder, the voters shall on the ballots put the name and ID Card number of the candidate. Where a candidate is a government or judicial (corporate) person the shareholder, the box of candidate on the ballots shall be remarked with name of the government or judicial (corporate) person. Where acandidate is a representative of government or judicial (corporate) person, the names of both the government or judicial (corporate) person and the representative shall be written. In case there are several representatives, the names of all the representatives shall be written additionally and respectively.
Article 7.
A ballot is deemed as null and void if any ballot is found:
Not the ballot provided in compliance with these Regulations.
The candidates specified in the ballot exceed the number of the candidates who shall be elected.
Bearing any words or symbols other than the account name (name) and shareholder account number (ID number) of the candidates.
Bearing illegible or revised handwriting.
Where the account name or shareholder code by handwriting is inconsistent with the Register (Roster) of Shareholders, if the candidate is a shareholder; where the name or ID Card number by handwriting is inconsistent with the facts upon checking, if the candidate is not a shareholder.
Where the name of the candidate entered is found the same as another shareholder's name and there is no shareholder code provided for identification.
Two or more candidates are written on the same ballot, unless the ballot is intended for two or more candidates.
Article 8.
Ballots shall be announced on-the-spot immediately upon completion of balloting. The results of ballot opening shall also be announced onthe- spot by the chairperson or the emcee.
Article 9.
Any matters insufficiently provided herein shall be governed by the provisions concerned as set forth in the Company Act and Articles of Incorporation.
Article 10.
These Regulations, along with the amendment(s) thereof, shall come into effect after being resolved by the shareholders' meeting.
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