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今天p3试机号最近十期 www.ctydr.icu LCD display products are focused on “Energy Saving、Eco、Health” features. Tatung adopted LED backlight to all LCD display series, optimized the user interface and provided a rich video contents platform to improve the experience of smart TV. Home appliance product series are developed to satisfy the highest energy efficiency which are included inverter AC, inverter refrigerator, washing machine, cooling equipment, commercial box-typed AC, central system AC chiller and compressor. Based on the goal of “High Quality Life”, Tatung developed intelligent cooker, DC fan, intelligent induction cooker, portable food preparation, ion hair dryer, etc. products. LED lighting series included bulb, lamp, MR16/PAR, table lamp, candle light to satisfy home and commercial market demand.

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The Advanced Electronics Business Unit (AEBU) focuses on providing global ODM customers with design and manufacturing of smart home products. The product lines include 2 main lines: digital entertainment, and home area networks (HAN). The digital entertainment line includes electronic gaming and imaging accessories. The home area network (HAN) includes smart energy management and cloud-service devices. Tatung’s customers can benefit from Tatung’s fast reaction to accommodate market needs and flexibility in design customization. The on-going research and development will further enhance the customers’ competitiveness in their products.

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