Control and Monitoring System

The smart monitoring system is developed using the Niagara Framework platform which is an open IoT platform that supports standard and private agreement, is compatible with new and old systems, and has good system scalability. Each monitoring system is self-developed, can be customized according to requirements, and can be used with the resources of various units of Tatung Group to provide system planning suggestions and overall solution service plans.


Smart Monitoring System

Leading the industry, integrating intelligent image security monitoring and environmental sensing, with cloud services and advanced expert systems, providing a safe, healthy, efficient and comfortable living space, especially for PM2.5 and air quality issues of public concern, can accurately monitor and Linked with air purifiers, air conditioning and ventilation equipment to effectively improve indoor air quality and improve home health and office productivity.


▲ Solar Monitoring System
Provide information such as historical power generation data query and INV power generation benefit for analysis.
Provide device abnormal alarm status and fault device information detection to normalize monitoring.
▲ Central Monitoring System
It can be integrated with heterogeneous systems to access/control power, lighting, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, security, fire alarm reporting and more.
Unified system management can improve the reliability of management work, reduce the risk of negligent fatigue and judgment errors caused by manual management.
Custom analysis conditions as a reference for data analysis to assess energy efficiency through the accumulation of energy consumption data.
Monitor the condition of the device through the remote and deal with the abnormal part immediately to reduce the loss caused by the device disconnection.
Optimal control of lighting and air conditioning through scheduling, temperature management, and demand management.
Accurate use of electricity statistics, energy consumption analysis, could sustainable improvement of building energy consumption, and make buildings more energy-efficient.
▲ Smart Agriculture Monitoring System
Optimal control of lighting and air conditioning through scheduling, temperature management, and demand management. Connect to various wired or wireless environment sensors in the greenhouse, collect sensing data and perform logic analysis. Automatically control skylights, shading, insulation screens, sprays, circulation fans, water walls, vacuum fans, side coils, heating machines, air conditioners, artificial light sources, and other facilities effectively establish a suitable environment for planting.
Provide high temperature, low temperature, equipment fault alarm and historical data query, which is conducive to greenhouse management and avoid crop losses.

Service Structure

Main Achievements

    • 2019 Banana Research Institute (Smart Agriculture Monitoring System)

    • 2018 Kinmen Solar (Solar Monitoring System)

    • 2018 Evergreen Chef (Solar Monitoring System)

    • 2018 Taoyuan District Court(Central Monitoring System)

    • 2018 Tatung Manor (Central Monitoring System)

    • 2018 Taoyuan Agricultural Expo (Smart Agriculture Monitoring System)

    • 2017 Fujian Huajia Mining (Central Monitoring System)

    • 2016 Tatung Solar (Solar Monitoring System)

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