Power System

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Power Generation Plant system

A.Diesel power generatoring sets and auxiliary equipment turn-Key Project

1.The largest output capacity diesel generator sets in Taiwan:
The output capacity of diesel generator sets is 11,000 kW which is the largest in Taiwan Power Company.

2.The largest quantity of diesel generating sets :
The total quantity of diesel generator sets is 12 units.
3. Ample space for maintenance of generator sets:
The diesel generator sets are installed on 2nd floor in main equipment building. Ample space is reserved for maintenance.
4.Easy Inspection and Maintenance:
The layout of piping adopts elevated arrangement on the top of 1st floor for easy inspection and maintenance.

5.Positive pressure Ventilation:
The ventilation system has been installed to maintain positive pressure inside the site to prevent the ingression of the salty material. It will prolong the life span of the equipment.
6.Conform to severe environmental regulations:
Emissions limits for NOx are around 1200 ppm for island settings according to regulations. Measured values for this project are around 363 ppm; well within limits.

B. Hydro power generator Set and Auxiliary Equipment turn-Key Project

1.Coordinating and complying with national green energy policies. Tatung is playing an
active role in power plant upgrades and water resource development Taiwan power company as well as private sector entities.

2.The scope of supply is water turbine, generator and auxiliary subsystems shown as follows.
- Governor control system
- Hydraulic system
- Air compressing system
- Cooling water system
- Water discharging system
- Substation system
- Power distribution system
- Electricity charging system
- Hoist equipment
- Ventilation system - SCADA system

Transmission & Distribution system

1.Up to 345kV distribution substation turn-key projects.
2.Civil works turn-key project:
- Land surveying and preparation.
3. Electro-mechanic turn-key projects:
including power transformers, GIS,C-GIS, RCPDC panels, SCADAs, control panels, auxiliary equipment, cables, optic fibers, communication cables etc.
4.Interface integration services on projects from planning, design,manufacture and installation to testing, maintenance and SCADA.
Tatung provides high quality integration services for clients.


1. Power Generation Plant Systems:

Hydro/Diesel engine power generation system.

2.Power Transmission and Distribution systems:

Up to 345kV distribution substation turn-key projects.

Main Achievements

Power Plant System
1.Diesel power generator sets & auxiliary equipment turn-key projects:
-PENG-HU off-shore island: JIAN-SHAN, NIAO-YU, HU-JING, QI-MEI, WANG-AN, JI-BEI power plants.
-KIN-MEN off-shore island: TA-SHAN, SIA-SING power plants.
2.Hydro power generator sets & auxiliary equipment turn-key projects
-Taichung Irrigation Association:HOU-LI creek power plant.
-JIA-NAN Co.: WU-SHAN-TOU power plant.
Power Transmission and distribution system turn-key projects
JANG-LIN, MA-LAN, SHOU-FENG, LU-ER, SHE-WAN D/S Substation, The Maanshan third nuclear power plant 161kV GIS & auxiliary equipment project for Taiwan Power Company.

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